At Highlights Media, we don’t feel defined by the work we do but by the videos we produce. We can create a complete story from start to finish, or we can film footage and send it on to your editor as needed. Some of the services we provide:

Production Company: We can handle full production. From concept to completion, we can create it.

Videographer / DP / Camera Operator: Whether it’s solo or with a crew, we can film it.

Director: From staged scenes to live events, small crew to a huge crowd, we can orchestrate it.

Editor: From simple to more complex, from a flash drive to a full hard drive, we can tackle it.

Sound Technician: From simple boom work to multiple microphones in separate rooms, we hear ya!

Makeup: For interviews, for glamour or even horror makeup, we can make you look your best.

Photography: From simple head shots to action shots, we can take a pic!