Listed below are the most common questions we get from our customers.

How Do You Determine Pricing?

Pricing is based as a sum of labor and equipment use. For instance, how many days filming, editing, meeting, creating graphics, working with crew, writing, announcing, etc. Travel is always quoted separately. Occasionally there may be equipment rental based on client’s request and that is also priced separately.

In the past you may have heard someone quote based on “per finished minute”, but that’s not accurate. A short (3) minute video may cost more than an edited (2) hour (2) camera PowerPoint presentation.

How Are Your Services Different?

Chad Johnstone’s background in broadcasting, working with advertising agencies, video production houses and non-profits, has provided him with a broad background which enables the company to handle all types of business and non-profit video work.

In addition, his background as Producer, Director of Photography (DP), Videographer, Camera Operator, Editor, Writer and Announcer allows for flexibility. If your budget is small, Chad can work solo or with a small crew. If your needs are more involved, creative or extensive, we can provide a full crew.

Do You Work with A Crew?

We work with a large freelance crew of lighting designers, audio technicians, camera operators, makeup people, graphic designers and more.

What Kind of Equipment Do You Use?

We focus on “cinema quality” using the Canon C200 (4k), Canon 5D Mark IV (4k) with stabilizer, GoPro (4k) with stabilizer, DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone (4k), Dracast LED lighting, Sachtler tripods, Konova slider, Jib Arm and more. For live events we can pair the Canon C200 with another or use our trustworthy JVC GYHM750 cameras (2k).

Where Do You Travel for Work?

Everywhere. No, seriously. We have passports and have traveled/worked in the Czech Republic, Germany, the Caribbean, Hawaii, many states, etc. We travel Wisconsin, the Midwest, United States and the World.

Can You Only Film or Only Edit?

Sometimes clients already have the video and need it edited. Or clients only need to have filming completed and sent on to an editor in another state. Easy to do. Yes, we work “A La Carte”!

Do You Specialize in Certain Kinds of Client Work?

While we have worked with all types of businesses and organizations, we specialize in Medical, Education, Agriculture and Industrial. Recently we created a few Real Estate videos and still keep our hand in producing TV commercials. We are not defined by the type of work we do but by the videos we produce.

Are You Hiring?

We do try to keep all inquiries archived because we never know when we’ll need assistance. However, at this time Highlights Media has a strong loyal crew with multiple years of experience that we work with.