5 Ways Manufacturing Companies Could Benefit From A Video Marketing Strategy

What was the last amazing video you watched? How about the last amazing blog post you read?

If you’re like most people, you probably had a much easier time thinking of the video than the blog post. Videos engage people. Unlike a web article that is just static text and images, videos communicate with audio, moving images, and animation. It uses more of a person’s senses, and is, therefore, more memorable. 

This just one of many reasons why a video marketing strategy can be so effective for businesses. Video marketing is especially effective in the manufacturing industry. In this industry, you often have to explain complicated processes. Blogs are important and work well for SEO purposes, but video can really help you engage customers on your website. 

Video can help you keep leads on your site longer. It can help you engage more people on social media. It can also boost your conversion rate, video marketing can help. In the article below, you can find five reasons to use video marketing for your manufacturing business. Read on to see if video marketing is right for you. 

Promote a Product, Service, or Introduce Personnel

New products and services should be exciting. When it comes to media formats, nothing can compete with the attention-grabbing power of video. Professional graphics and effects can make your video pop off the screen, no matter what type of screen it’s on. 

One of the key elements of a video marketing strategy is it allows you to express new ideas in a short time frame. If you want people to know everything about your new product without wasting their time, video is the way to go. 

One of the other main benefits of a video digital marketing strategy is that videos generally get more engagement than other forms of content. Promoting new personnel on LinkedIn, for example, is a great way to introduce your best employees to the world in a way that makes your followers react. You’ll be more likely to get likes, comments, and shares than you would be able to get with another form of content such as a blog or infographic. 

A Video Marketing Strategy Can Help Increase Conversion Rates

If you’re struggling to get website visitors to convert to leads, a video might be just the thing you need to increase your conversion rates. According to data from HubSpot, landing pages that have videos on them convert 80% more leads than landing pages that do not have videos. 

This is a helpful piece of information for any manufacturing company running Google Ads. Each ad usually leads to a landing page, so you can improve the conversion rate, and the success of the ad, by placing videos on your ad landing pages. 

Additionally, an online video marketing strategy provides you with many more metrics to measure. You can look at the number of views on the video, see how long people watch the video for on average, and track shares likes, and comments on the video. With all these different metrics to measure, it’s easy to find data to determine whether or not the video marketing strategy is working. 

Video Helps You Compete With a Proven Media Form

Anybody can write an article and post it on a website. It takes expertise and an understanding of marketing trends to create and post a video. By putting a video on your homepage, landing page, or social pages, you’re showing your customers that your manufacturing company is modern and professional. 

Videos have a higher reach and are more sought out on websites than other forms of media. Creating videos shows that you understand changing consumer trends. 

According to studies by Nielsen, website visitors generally only read about 20% of the text on a page. This suggests that text-based content is not the most effective way to communicate with your readers. If you browse through various video marketing strategy examples, you’ll be able to find ways to replace long text posts with informative video posts. 

Train Clients How to Use Your Products/Services

If you wanted to explain a complex part of your manufacturing process to your clients, your first thought might be to create a diagram with written explanations. Maybe you would send a salesperson to a meeting with the client to train them. 

A video would be much more effective because video allows you to show complicated technical information in a quick 2-minute snippet. Instead of wasting dollars on employees off to train clients, you can use videos to accomplish the task. You can even do a live-streamed video presentation then have a Q&A afterward to clear up any remaining confusion.

Video Can Help Improve Your SEO

Ever since Google bought YouTube, it’s made a point of showing YouTube videos in Google search results. That’s why posting videos on YouTube is an important element of any video marketing campaign. You give your business a better shot at showing up near the top of search results if you have both your website and your YouTube videos showing up on the search results page. 

Use Video Marketing to Improve Your Business Today

Even though video has become widely accepted as a great way to boost marketing effectiveness, it’s not too late to get involved. The sooner your start creating a video marketing strategy for your business, the sooner you can take advantage of video’s immense power o to generate leads. If you’re looking around and your competitor’s websites and noticed that they’re already making use of video marketing, it’s even more important that you start using some of the same tactics. 

Before you start developing a video marketing strategy, it’s important to talk to some professionals. If you’re interested in learning more about video marketing, reach out to the experienced team at Highlights Media.

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