7 Tips for Making a Memorable Small Business Video Advertisement

Nearly everyone is inundated with advertisements daily. It is important to stand out among the pack. What is the difference between a poor ad that goes in one ear and out the other and a thoughtful video that is well-made and drives clients to your business?

The last thing any company or brand wants is to spend capital to create a small business video, only for it to get lost in the crowd of numerous competitors. 

Good news- there are plenty of common techniques that the best video advertisements follow in order to rise above the pack and create a lasting image of your small business.

Here are 7 tips for making any small business video advertisement successful:

1. Have a Plan, Especially a Script

Before actually shooting the video, some groundwork will need to be laid to make sure it accomplishes what you are expecting. You will want to have a clear cut plan going in.

When someone hears the term “script”, they might immediately have thoughts of Hollywood and big-budget movies. But when it comes to singular advertisements, the plan is actually quite similar. It is key to have a script and to plan out the video frame-by-frame.

2. What Is the Tone?

Most of the time you will only have just 30 seconds to tell your story and differentiate your ad from countless others. Together, we will make sure the ad conveys your message and we make that time count.

After planning some of the details like a comprehensive script, it is important to double back and make sure that the video matches your product or service. What is the correct tone for your small business video- serious or funny? This will be solved on more of case-by-case basis since every company is different.

3. Include the Human Element

An easy and surefire way to relate to your audience is to include an actual person at some point during the video. The best way to do this is to actually include yourself. Even if you, the business owner or boss, does not talk directly to the camera, you could have a picture or a narration of your voice.

Another option could be to showcase employees within the video. There are plenty of practical ways to implement video of workers within the ad. If you aren’t sure whether to include the owner or employees, you could even do both.

4. Choose Correct Setting and Lighting

You’ll find that our sound and lighting design, as well as other logistics, are unmatched compared to our competitors. We can make any location work and will optimize the surroundings with expert sound and lighting techniques.

If you aren’t sure where you want to shoot, we will help you choose the correct location or locations to convey your message. We will always bring the service to you and travel to you to film the video.

5. Don’t Forget Other Logistics

For viewers to take your small business video ad seriously, you will need every aspect of the presentation to be top-notch. That means things like makeup, wardrobe, and post-video editing are key.

We can handle the makeup as well and provide insightful help on your wardrobe. In general, you want to drive attention back towards the actual content of your video by wearing neutral clothing.

After filming is complete, the video will need to be spruced up with graphics, transitions, and possibly more textual information added to the screen. This is important to make sure your ad is a polished, complete, finished product.

6. Intro Is Key in Small Business Videos

A beginning and the first 5 or 10 seconds will always determine whether someone continues watching your ad or moves on and forgets it forever. Together, we will need to plan to grab the viewers’ attention early within the ad.

This is also where you will look to establish your overall tone and goal of the video as a whole, as highlighted in step 2. Just like an introduction for an academic paper, the beginning of the video works as a sort of thesis statement. What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

Perhaps you wish to articulate to your audience about your brand and overall mission as a company. The video could be to sell a specific new product or to highlight how an already existing product works.

Maybe you want to announce a change within the company or showcase testimonials from happy customers describing why they were happy with their purchase. Whatever your overall goal is, it is paramount to establish that early within the ad before a viewer may lose interest.

7. A Call to Action

It may seem obvious, but the last thing you want a viewer thinking at the end of a video ad is “what’s the point?” You need to clearly state what it is you want the viewer to do at the end of the ad.

A good strategy is to end on a call to action. Describe your product and what problem you are solving with it. How can you help the viewer with your product? Simply state what you want the viewer to do after watching your ad.

Captivate Your Potential Clients

Remember, if you are entering the field of advertising to grow your business and customer base, you are already making a great decision! There are countless benefits to a small business video ad.

Together, we can help drive more clients to your business through smart ads and well-made videos. If you like what you learned about video marketing here, check out a wealth of more knowledge and information on our blog.

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