How to Choose the Best Milwaukee Video Production Company

It’s estimated that videos will represent 80% of all web traffic by this year. With over 1.9 billion Internet video users online, you have a vast opportunity to reach new customers. Each video you create is a chance to boost web traffic and attract new leads.

If you’re not creating high-quality video content, however, you could miss out.

Ready to search for the best Milwaukee video production around? Keep these 7 tips in mind first.

1. Check Their Production Quality

First, head straight to the company’s portfolio page. If they don’t let you see evidence of their previous projects, keep searching. You can’t determine a company’s abilities without seeing some of its projects.

If they don’t have a portfolio, there’s a chance they lack the experience you need.

First, consider how the company’s portfolio videos compare to what you’ve seen on TV or in films. Do their projects look low-quality in comparison? Does it look like a clip you’d see in a movie?

As you watch the video, pay attention to the focus. Does the video have a singular purpose? If not, it could fail to accomplish the production’s main goal.

Consider the sound quality as well. Does it sound like the microphone is far away from the speaker? If so, there’s a chance the mic wasn’t mounted properly, which could indicate inexperience.

What about the lighting? Does it seem too dark, or too bright?

Reviewing their portfolio will also give you a chance to determine what you want for your video project. Make a note of the qualities you liked to discuss later on.

While you’re at it, ask the production company about their process.

Do they have a defined process for their video projects? Can they help you with casting and a script, or are you on your own?

Understanding what the company is capable of can help you differentiate the best from the inexperienced. 

2. Ensure They Can Accomplish Your Goals

What do you hope to accomplish with your videos? Do you want to engage, inform, or entertain your audience? What marketing goals are you concerned about?

Defining your goals before you choose a Milwaukee video production company can help you find someone capable of reaching those goals.

For example, let’s say you want to boost your company’s credibility this year. You can create thought leadership vlogs that demonstrate your experience and expertise.

Are you concerned about brand awareness and trust? You can create a company culture and behind-the-scenes videos. These formats can create transparency between your company and clients.

As you speak with each video production company, take the time to review your goals. Ask them how they can help you accomplish those goals.

If they have no idea how they can help, you might want to look elsewhere.

Choosing a company that can’t accomplish your marketing goals will only waste your time and money.

3. Understand Their Experience

Remember, you want to find a Milwaukee video production company that has the experience you need.

How long has the company operated? Have they worked with clients in your industry before?

That past experience could give you an advantage. The video team will understand what your customers are looking for. Then, you can produce a video with your target audience in mind. 

Does the company have marketing experience as well? If so, they can help you promote your videos with the right video marketing strategies. For example, they might determine you need a teaser trailer before the full video is released.

About 64% of marketers say video content is the most difficult type of content to create. With an experienced crew, you won’t have to struggle with your content creation strategy.

Talk to the video production company about their experience creating different video formats, too. For example, are you looking for promotional or recruitment videos? Maybe you want to create stunt videos, live productions, or film an event instead.

If they lack the distinct experience you need, they could struggle to meet your expectations.  

4. Consider Their Crew

A large crew won’t necessarily mean a high-quality production. You should, however, consider the team before choosing a company. If you’re planning a large production, you’ll need a sizable crew.

Make sure every member of the team has the talents you need as well. Does the crew have cinematography storytelling skills? If not, the video might fail to meet your expectations.

5. Make Sure They Communicate

It’s not enough to find a talented crew. You also need to make sure the team communicates. Otherwise, you might get frustrated while working with them.

Are they willing to hear about your ideas (and follow through with them)? Do they respond to your emails right away? 

You might find a team that comes off as arrogant.

Before choosing a video production company, head online and read reviews. Client reviews will help you find the right fit based on someone else’s experience.

6. Review Their Services

Once you decide the type of video you want to produce, determine what you need.

For example, you might need a company that’s experienced with pre-production messaging and script creation. Do you need makeup, a photographer, and a sound technician?

Try to look for a full-service Milkwakee video production company that can cover your needs.

7. Read the Contract (Twice)

Before making your choice, take the time to review the contract. If you have any questions, make sure to ask before you sign. 

Did you make any verbal agreements? Have the company include everything within the contract. Otherwise, you might encounter communication issues later on.

Now You Know the 7 Tips for Choosing the Best Milwaukee Video Production Company

Choosing the right Milwaukee video production company can set your videos apart from the rest. With these tips, you can find the best in the business and start rolling.

Get ready to wow your customers with your next stunning production!

Ready to start rolling on your first video production project? We can help.

Contact us today to start creating a high-quality video for your business!

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