Showing Gratitude: Different Videos Small Business’ Can Use to Connect With Prospects and Clients

Are you running a small business? Are your sales growing steadily? Then it is a no-brainer that you need to show your appreciation to your loyal customers. 

And as more consumers choose to go online to shop, there is no better way to connect with them through videos. Whether it’s a short video thanking them for their patronage or a video showcasing your new products, it can certainly help build and strengthen connections with your clients.

But what exactly are the most effective video ideas for connecting with customers? Continue reading below as we discuss some of the best video ideas you can use to show gratitude and more.

1. The “Thank You” Video

Since you want to show your clients gratitude, a “thank you” video should be part of your video marketing strategy. The good thing about making “thank you” videos is that you won’t lose anything because of it and everything to gain.

Sure, you need a few people, perhaps some lighting equipment too. But these are small things compared to the positive impact it can bring to your brand. 

Keep in mind that making a “thank you” video effective relies on the message. Hence, be specific in what you’re thankful for. Also, you want to show your clients the impact of their support. 

As for the script, try to keep it short and sweet. However, don’t be afraid to go off the script. Sometimes, going off the script makes your appreciation videos more genuine.

2. Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are also excellent options for connecting with your target audience. A testimonial video involves interviewing customers who love your product.

Through the video, you give your clients a chance to express their satisfaction. The key to creating effective testimonial videos is to avoid hiring actors. Instead, you want real and loyal customers to speak their hearts out.

Testimonial videos help build trust while showing appreciation for your customers.

3. Product Reviews

Meanwhile, product reviews allow you to show how much you value your customers. In a product review, you are helping your clients get a better understanding of your products.

Through the video, you can show how your products can benefit them. In turn, you are answering many questions that may be running in their minds. 

And aside from connecting with your clients, a product review can be an effective platform to market your items. It’s also one of the best reasons you need to use more videos in your marketing efforts

Product reviews can also serve as instructional videos. Hence, you can teach your clients how to use or assemble your products.

4. Video Emails

Even with the prevalence of social media, email marketing remains well and alive. Moreover, it remains an excellent medium for connecting with current and prospective clients.

Hence, consider incorporating video emails in your marketing strategy. Studies reveal that including the word “video” substantially increases your open click rates. 

When making video emails, try to keep it short. A video that lasts a minute or two is more than enough to send your message. Use a brief intro and go straight to your point after. 

Explain why you are sending the video. Lay down the cards and highlight the advantages of watching the video.

Last but not least, include an effective call-to-action (CTA). You can either encourage them to visit your site or to give you a call.

5. Promos and Giveaways

Another effective way of giving back to your loyal customers is through promos and giveaways. To increase your reach when giving out these gifts, an online video contest is a good way of doing so.

Studies reveal that half of the internet users watch an average of five videos a day. Thus, launching your seasonal promos through videos will help you gain more traction.

As for the content of your giveaway videos, you need to make them engaging. You want to build up the excitement that will prompt people to share the videos.

6. Brand Films

Though shorter videos help people absorb information more effectively, some instances call for longer videos. During anniversaries and company milestones, you can come up with a brand film.

Brand films are long-form videos that aim to give a deeper understanding of what your brand is all about. Here, you can focus on your company’s core values and vision for the future.

As for the video’s treatment, it is like a canvass for creativity. You can invest in top-notch cinematic production to make the video more captivating. In turn, you can strengthen your brand’s reputation as you celebrate your milestones with your target market.

7. Facebook Cover Video

No list of effective marketing video ideas is complete without touching on the power of social media. In this case, we include the Facebook cover video on our list. 

Instead of using a cover photo, change it into a cover video for your Facebook followers to see. A Facebook cover video adds personality to your Facebook page. It will catch the attention of Facebook visitors and will make them want to learn more.

Additionally, you can include a CTA in your cover video.

8. Personalized Videos

Last but not least, you should use personalized videos to create an instant connection with customers. Here, you can mention the names of people to capture the attention of viewers. The video narrator uses a tone as if speaking directly to someone in front.

Personalized videos send a clear message that you care about your customers’ needs. They give that impression that you empathize with your customers and that they can trust you in return.

Let’s Turn Your Video Ideas Into a Reality

By using these video strategies, you can increase customer engagement faster than ever. You can also build trust while expressing your gratitude for their loyalty. But if making videos is not your strength, we can step in and help you out.

We offer full production services for different businesses. We can help you conceptualize and turn your video ideas into a reality. Connect with us, and let’s start making compelling videos today!

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